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Blazed Chicken is a modern neighborhood restaurant offering delicious air fried chicken meal combinations that are good for you because there's no frying; just air. Order for pickup or delivery through the app to earn rewards with every order and for chances to win weekly prizes.  



Monday – Saturday | 9am – 11pm
Sunday | 10am – 8pm






It's not fried, it's air-fried. So it's better for you AND packed with flavor. No compromises here.

Hello, we're Blazed Chicken.

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It's not magic. It's air fried. 

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Blaze'd Chicken

[ A Love affair with

air-fried chicken ]


Blazed Chicken Delicious Air Fried

We're what happened when "Air" and "Fried" got together.

The moments leading up to a mouthwatering taste of a perfectly cooked chicken tender is only a fraction of what motivates us.

Don't get us started on the role of chicken tender sauce. Like our delicious General Teriyaki, Honey Bee Mustard, Chimichurri, Sweet Thai Chili, or Tangy Barbecue sauces to go with that air-fried gold.

With 18 sauces to choose from, feel free to get lost in the sauce. Give us a visit. Air-fried chicken is now available in Hackensack, NJ. Bergen County might never be the same. Get Blazed...Chicken.


Respect the sauce.

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Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk, Sauce the Tender.

Take a picture of your dipped chicken tender and share it with us using Hashtag:


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